The Ismael Cala Foundation and Passion Asociacion create a strategic alliance against child malnutrition in Guatemala

  • According to UNICEF, 52% of children under five suffer chronic malnutrition and close to three million people lack access to drinking water across the country.
  • Ismael Cala and Dr. Mark Arellano donated food and toys while celebrated Christmas with more than 350 children in San Juan Sacatepéquez.

Guatemala City, December 17th, 2018

The Ismael Cala Foundation and Passion Asociación Guatemala formalized a strategic alliance to make visible the social problems and work for the development of the region, after the joint work that both leaders have executed in indigenous communities, landfills, and orphanages, among other scenarios.

The leaders of both organizations —the strategist and journalist Ismael Cala and Dr. Mark Arellano— donated food and toys while celebrated Christmas with more than 350 children.

«A year and a half ago, Cala came to Guatemala for an event about empowerment and social awareness to raise funds. This was the first contribution that gave rise to the construction of the Center for the Prevention of Chronic Malnutrition in El Caserío Asunción Chivoc, in San Juan Sacatepéquez. Later, several local businessmen and other people joined, to whom we thank» said Dr. Arellano.

«I am happy and proud of this partnership, and after collaborating on previous projects, we now have this third program with the Chronic Malnutrition Prevention Center, which aims to make Guatemalan society aware of the need to reduce the rates of chronic malnutrition and extreme poverty that affect the country, «said Ismael Cala.

The Center for the Prevention of Chronic Malnutrition aims to address a comprehensively approach to the extreme poverty that gives rise to this disease as the last link of underdevelopment. In this way, it seeks to intervene in actions such as clean water, ecological stoves, solar panels, adequate drainage, education, nutrition, health, family gardens, education in values, correct hygiene standards, among others.

According to UNICEF, Guatemala ranks sixth worldwide among countries with chronic malnutrition. 52% of children under five suffer from it and close to three million Guatemalans lack access to drinking water.


Non-profit organization, chaired by Ismael Cala, which seeks to impact the communities of Latin America and the Caribbean, through the formation of the youngest in leadership and entrepreneurship; also strengthen social development organizations that serve children and teenagers with cognitive disabilities and connect young people with our allies to promote their education and training, through the achievement of scholarships.


Born under the vision of its founder, Dr. Mark E. Arellano, who was granted a scholarship for more than 15 years and lived the need very close and who also passed through a personal transformation process to become a doctor and surgeon. It was founded in 2010 in partnership with a team of professional friends, with the vision that together they could contribute, in an integral way, to the issue of extreme poverty and the construction of peace in Guatemala. Currently, they dedicate time, effort and resources to expand the opportunities and freedoms of children at social risk, high vulnerability and street condition.


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