Close your eyes and wake up!

Human beings always run the risk of living on autopilot and disconnecting from ourselves. Certainly, we live like automatons as we are asleep during a good part of our existence. That is what I feel, for example, when reading opinions such as «no more immigrants here» (even being immigrants too) or «such a problem has no solution, and it is best to let it go and look the other way.»

Today it is evident that the darkest side of human beings – violence, intolerance, indolence – comes from problems of conscience. It comes from a very poor conscience, which does not develop from and towards the common good, but from selfishness, greed, and apathy, the three great spiritual calamities that humanity suffers.

However, living is not complicated if we understand that life deserves strategy. It is not just breathing and walking without any awareness of tomorrow and what we want to achieve. Above all, living implies moving towards what we want, but with the planning of how to make it. It can be difficult if, on autopilot, you do not take responsibility for anything. Here comes into play what we call «chance, luck, destiny,» which are more comfortable positions because they do not involve us in the solution and leave us as spectators of our own lives.

Many times we look outside for answers that reside within us. I exemplify you with scientific evidence. According to the Iztacala Psychology Journal, of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, some 240 medical programs worldwide use meditation to reduce stress and as a treatment for chronic diseases.

If from traditional medical science there is already that conviction that meditation or mindfulness are very effective ways to calm our mind, why do we still insist on harming ourselves by giving our power to situations, people and emotions that do not suit us?

Considering this, in January 2019, our retreat Conciencia Divina will take place in North Carolina (United States), with a focus on detoxifying from everything that limits us and prevents us from living awake. It seems like the collective consciousness has been moving towards a greater understanding that we are part of a whole and as to the extent of that we get s true awakening, we will live in harmony.

The sooner we wake up from the lethargy, the more we can take advantage of the joys that life offers us!


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