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How to measure corporate happiness?

The Happy Companies Club.
It is proven that organizations that invest in
The well-being and growth of its people are more efficient in their communication, leadership, innovation and productivity.
Learn how to measure and achieve the happiness of your organization and its people with the conferences and workshops of EsCALA Corporativa, and join the Club of Happy Companies.

Escuela de Emociones 2020

Are you aware of the emotions you experience every day? Having a good management of emotions allows us to adapt to the environment efficiently and intelligently in any circumstance, therein lies the success of interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution and decision making.

February 17-19, 2020


Viaja con Cala

In Body and Soul 2019

Get out of your comfort zone and dare to take a leap into the future. Join me in this new edition of "En Cuerpo y Alma", which will be held in one of the newest and most striking hotels in America: "Xcaret Riviera Maya".

Mexico, Riviera Maya

From November 20 to 24

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