I recently heard a play on words that I loved because of its powerful message. It was the verb complying: Am I complying or just lying? When we are attached more to the “ought to be” than to the self, we stop being faithful to our convictions just to “comply” with others.

That’s when we renounce to be genuine and congruent with our true essence to become mediocre beings.

All this is produced by the process of “domestication”, which is nothing more than a large number of “duties” that are installed in our system since childhood, so that, when we reach adulthood, we will comply them by lying to ourselves.

From which career to study because “it is more prestigious or ensures better income”, or where and how to live, which car to buy, even how we are supposed to “feel” in certain situations or moments, so we go through life complying the expectations of third parties, but deeply deceived.

According to statistics, only 58% of the student population chooses their career by vocation, while the remaining 42% is divided between people who studied a profession for family commitments, suggestions from third parties or economic outflows, among other factors.

In other words, from every ten students, at least four of them do it for various reasons, which are not necessarily by their own conviction.

I like that John Herschel‘s phrase that says: “Self-respect is the cornerstone of all virtue.” And, when others ask me about this topic, I tell them that it is the compass that allows me to make all the decisions that most resonate with my being.

So, the next time you feel insecure about any “complying” or more honest decision with you, I invite you to ask yourself the following questions: Will this make me feel at peace and quiet? Or, on the contrary, will it generate more problems in the future? If I were a third person and had to give me a push, what would I advise me?

I always say that the answers are inside us, we just have to connect effectively with them. Do not go through life by complying and also lying, but by making that thought, feeling and action move in the same direction.