I have to admit that studies about longevity are part of my inquiries. Do you know what “blue zones” are? These are places around the world there exists a great elder population over 100 years old: Sardinia (Italy), The Okinawa  Islands (Japan), a Loma Linda Adventist community (California, EEUU), Nicoya (Costa Rica)  and Ikaria (Greece).

In addition to evaluating the characteristics of meals and assuming a diet based on plants and vegetables with a lot of colors and a few white or red portions of meat, the experts have found some common high values that are given there to the elderly. The more years you have, the more you care in those cultures.

Another common element is the value of work as an activity that dignifies the human being. In fact, in Japanese, there is no word equivalent to “retire.” Instead, they idolize the term “ikigai,” which could be translated as “the reason you wake up every morning” or as a purpose.

Finally, the fact of maintaining close relationships with our loved ones, our relatives or friends, makes the difference regarding longevity.

We are gregarious beings, and as such we prefer to spend time in groups. We can improve our diet and work hard, but today’s emphasis I place in social life as a team. This year I wanted a different December vacation concept: instead of traveling in a small group, I considered extending the adventure to other people, even unknown, but with similar interests and thirst for knowledge.

I always try to create travelers of conscience, who want to know new destinations and at the same time share impressions and experiences with others. Thus I have turned the end of the year personal rest into a choral endeavor to discover ancient Egypt through the Nile River. Traveling accompanied is to live more, it is to create a new universe of intention and co-creation, always from the hand of mindfulness.

Whether in Egypt, Bhutan or anywhere else, we can start the fourth factor of longevity. To enjoy the unknown as a team, through present relationships that will last tomorrow, is an ideal combination to open the mind and expand the spirit.