Today I want to talk about quantum physics. I have not committed a mistake, neither my column has been hacked, nor I want to write a full speech about it. Quantum physics is present in our lives more than we realize. There is a phrase that I use in my conferences, very related to the subject in question: “we have to believe in order to see”. And anyone would say: “is it not that different from the original phrase ‘see to believe’?”.

May I build my own reality with my mind? In that case, is that an ability that I can learn and use to transform myself in who I want and create the life I want to live?

The answer to such questions is in the field of quantum physics. “Quantum” comes from “quantum,” an elementary unit of energy, emitted or absorbed by atoms or molecules. Quantum physics is a discipline that tries to explain and understand what is not seen, what cannot be measured, which are all those particles that make up our reality.

If we could see an atom under a microscope, we would appreciate a kind of vortex where quantums and photons revolve. In fact, we would see a vacuum, because atoms have no physical matter, only energy. Hence, many spiritual teachers, such as the Dalai Lama, are so interested in unifying this science with spirituality: we are energy and, as such, we must raise our own consciousness if we want to modify our reality.

Unlike traditional physics (the territory of the exact and immovable laws), quantum physics is handled on the basis of uncertainty. From there we are presented with a new paradigm: “Believe to see”.

Thus, unconsciously, we will perform actions that will generate a reality aligned with our inner world; in other words, with our belief. To change life and grow, you need to change your beliefs about the nature of existence.

How is it achieved? First, making us aware that thought builds reality. Then, we need to know and question our beliefs, as well as their validity for us at this moment. Finally, it is necessary to be disciplined and carefully observe our inner chats and the emotional charge we grant them.

In that way, we will be creating a whole new reality aligned with what we want and deserve.