After the end of the year parties, it is very common to feel heavy, both physically and emotionally. So many excesses take their toll.

A study published by The British Medical Journal, which covered 16 years and accounted for almost 300,000 cases, showed that during the summer and Christmas holidays there is usually an increased risk of heart attack. In the specific case of the end of the year, the risk is 15%, compared to 12% of summer vacations.

The scientists noted that during Christmas Eve there is a higher risk of heart attacks, with a 37% chance, because the Christmas festivities cause emotions and excesses come to the maximum level.

In the search for such a necessary balance, I will show you some practices to detoxify your body and mind after the holidays. First of all, try to disconnect yourself from the technology at least two hours before going to sleep. Rest is essential to get the balance.

Another recommendation is to incorporate the habit of meditation into your daily routine. If every morning you give ten minutes of deep connection with yourself, you will soon see the difference. An essential element in this detoxification process has to do with physical exercise. A routine of ten minutes a day, be it cardio, stretching or simple walking, provides great benefits for your health.

Everything we do makes sense when we connect it with the “why” you want to lead a more balanced life. A recommendation to nourish the spirit are the readings with contents that leave positive and constructive messages.

Last but not least: carefully check your diet. Our sacred temple, the body, is the divine vehicle to reach all that we want, and we must nourish it with consciousness. This is one of the reasons why Conciencia Divina was born as an alternative to purifying the body, emotions, and mind of all the excesses that we could have committed during the Christmas and New Year holidays, and that can later affect our health.

Your rituals and habits will create your world. Make it worth it.