Every Thursday, a different interview on the weekly show hosted by Ismael Cala. This February, in addition to Dra. Amor will be also sharing with Ismael: Dra. Maritza Fuentes, Dr. Guillermo Navarrete, and Dr. Camilo Cruz. The programs will be available on YouTube and affiliated stations.

Miami, February 5, 2019

“Cara a Cala”, the weekly interview show by Ismael Cala, continues in February with its premieres every Thursday through YouTube. All are inspiring and reflective programs, especially the interview with Cecilia Alegría, Dra. Amor, who explains the story of Alessia, her transgender daughter, narrated in her most recent book.

“It is the process of change of an extremely conservative Christian mother, who discovers what she never imagined: her eldest son, married, defines herself as a woman and despite being aware of the possible consequences of her radical decision, she becomes the first person in making the transition of gender in a high job position in Chile, ” explains Dra. Amor.

The show will air on February 14. This month they will talk with Ismael:

-February 7: Dra. Maritza Fuentes, founder of Instituto de Salud Integral en Coral Gables and outstanding celebrity in the USA.
-February 14: Cecilia Alegría (Dra. Amor), Cala Speaker, couple counselor and author of ten self-help books.
-February 21: Dr. Guillermo Navarrete (NutriGuillermo), author and editor of several books on nutrition and expert in Mediterranean food.
-February 28: Dr. Camilo Cruz, one of the highest exponents in the field of personal development, business excellence and leadership.

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