Steven Spielberg is one of the great geniuses of filmmaking history. He could even retire one day, and his previous career would be enough to outstand in the story. However, in his initial statements about the streaming platforms, it was not very wise. At the beginning of the year, the director of “Schindler’s List” did not like “Roma” competing at the Oscars for being produced by Netflix.

Fortunately, he has rectified and now his new vision corresponds better with the talent that overflows. Through a statement sent to “The New York Times,” Spielberg said: “I want the public to find ways to entertain themselves in any form or fashion, whether on a big screen or small screen, what really matters to me is that behind there is a great story. ”

Recently, Hollywood made it clear: the rules of access to the Oscars are the same as always, for all, which ensures the participation of the platforms that also premiere in theaters. Now, the iconic Cannes Film Festival must allow the same and finally enter the 21st century.

All of us, sometimes more and others less, have offered resistance to the changes. Our mental routines and that inner devil that whispers “it has always been done like this and can not be otherwise”, are responsible for putting a stop to any disruption. But, believe me, change is the only sure thing, change is a joy. And if we are not willing to open our minds, to be curious and embrace the new, we will not know how to be at the level of a society that goes to bed in one way and dawns in another.

Change means leaving the comfort zone. And that is the only path to renewal, development, creativity, and innovation. “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything,” said playwright George Bernard Shaw.

This week, at the foot of the majestic Mount Everest, where we are developing Cala Mundos Nepal-Tibet, I have thought a lot about this subject. It is evident that communion with nature makes us connect more with ourselves. I have seen movie images in these mountains, tomorrow I will watch Netflix or HBO and in two weeks I will go to the cinema. The medium is relative. The important thing is creativity, beauty, and change.