I always say to my students at Cala Speaking Academy that sciencie is a powerful ally to emotional development, even though there are some phenomena without a finished explanation. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist: I insist in the validity of “believe to see”.

For a long time, it was thought that genes defined absolutely everything, from intelligence, career and even your love life. However, American biologist Bruce Lipton dared to disagree traditional paradigms when affirmed, for example, that the authentic engine of life are not genes, but the enviorenment and personal cooperation.

We inherite a 50%, but we can modify the other half from the reframing of beliefs. That’s what is called “epigenetics”. We can choose the path we will take, and is notjust a theory. Oprah Winfrey was born in poverty and was violated by her relatives, but she knew how to break the circle and today is one of the most influent women in the World. We can’t accept the genetic determinism.

An investigation by Yale University admits that the relationship of origin between genetics and marital happiness is only responsible for 4% of marital satisfaction. In other words, the other 96% is decided in the environment that we are able to co-create.

In another study, the Univerisities of Minnesota and London refer a 50% of genetic inheritance to character and happiness, and that means it can be builded.

The Kennedys or Kardashians, to mention two completely different family models, are not absolute results of genetics. In both cases, beyond the hereditary thread, the members made their own decisions and created their worlds, with all the consequences.

According to the writer and American politician Eleanor Roosevelt, “In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves (…). The choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.

Mind is the most valuable and sacred space of our life. We can not expect wonders if we do not assume the responsibility of cultivating it. We have inherited resentments and guilt, but we always try to throw them out so as not to take responsibility inwards.

Epigenetics —or the science of transforming inheritances— is incompatible with life in “pinata mode”. If we want to change what supposedly “we get”, we can not remain inert, waiting for an external force to break us. We must act!