One of the main predators of our creativity is the fear of ridicule. Behind the fear of being teased, there is deep insecurity that can make us desist from dreams and longings.

Up to what point is it healthy to worry and protect ourselves from what the “social pressure hurricane” says is making a fool of yourself? What is that thin line in which we begin to be as others want us to be and destroy our authenticity?

The catagelophobia is the fear to make a fool of yourself, which can even become a fear of laughter. And we must always take care of people who do not laugh.

For example, the professor and psychologist of the University of Zürich, Willibald Ruch, conducted an experiment in which he made a group of people listen to the recordings of three types of laughter: a friendly, a nervous and a malevolent, and then asked the participants who cataloged each sound.

The catagelophobes answered that in all three cases people were making fun. Ruch repeated the experiment, but this time with three pictures of people laughing in a false way, with contempt, and with joy. Again, those who suffered the phobia perceived the three images as offensive.

Do you realize up to what point catagelophobia can sabotage our minds?

At some point, we have all laughed with a lot of viral videos on the internet, where people have not been afraid to make a fool of themselves. Such is the case of the famous video “The fall of Edgar“, which is considered one of the first viral in Latin America. Its protagonist is Edgardo Martínez, a boy of about ten years old who fell into the water because of a friend when he tried to use a trunk to cross a stream.

Although many ruthless people made him bullying , Edgar managed to turn his story 180 degrees: companies started looking for him to record commercials, people asked him for autographs in the street, became famous and today is known as youtuber. But the most important thing is that it maintained its authenticity, assuming that his “embarrassment” made many people laugh.

When we are creators, we have a license and permission to risk. The business of being you consists of embracing authenticity without fear of ridicule, because nothing is ridiculous when it is original. Do not betray your dreams for caring what people say.