We are social beings, and as such we evolve from the interaction with others. Definitely, the fact of meeting new people, establishing close relationships, sharing goals and dreams, and opening ourselves to new experiences, mark us in a positive way and impact our ability to work as a team.

Richard Branson, CEO of the Virgin Group consortium, which brings together more than 360 companies, has been very clear. At his beginnings with the magazine “Student”, he didn’t enough money to pay employees or improve facilities. In fact, they worked in a basement. But the excitement and promise of potential success united them, and also was a guarantee that everyone focused on the magazine achieving their goals.

For two years, Google organized the Aristotle Project, a study with the participation of 180 companies to learn about the five fundamental characteristics or patterns shared by the most successful work teams. By this way, they proposed a better understanding with its own collaborators.

Amongst the results they found that all the good teams are usually guided more by the “not established” rules. Also, in general, there is always at least one leading figure, which allows members to contribute equally in the discussions, focus on the goals and develop their individual capacities without fear.

Among other topics, the research determined that the five characteristics that predominate in a successful team are: psychological confidence, certainty, structure and clarity, sense of work and its impact.

Psychological confidence stands out, since people admitted that they feel much safer exploiting their creativity, if they know that there will be no prejudices or if they will not be punished if things fail.

These topics are always present in our business conferences, but the meeting to address them by excellence, in all its integrality, is En Cuerpo y Alma, which we will realize at the end of November on the beautiful beaches of the Riviera Maya (Mexico). Speakers such as Guillermo Ferrara, Samar Yorde, Erika Ruiz and Jacques Giraud will focus, from their respective specialties, on enhancing the abilities to work as a team.

Being successful, in this sense, requires various experiences, including mindfulness exercises, conferences, visualization, morning meditations, yoga classes and tours. Planning 2019 to be the best year of our life, is part of the process.