Gratitude is an attitude of life. When you’re thankful, you recognize that your life is full of blessings.

This week, Russell Wilson, the highest paid football player, gifted each teammate with 12,000 dollars in Amazon stocks in appreciation for the protection they provide him in every game. “You have invested in my life… This is my investment into yours,” the player said in a thank-you letter.

In an investigation carried out by the doctors Amit Kumar and Nicholas Epley, and which counted with the participation of almost a hundred individuals, the effects of producing thankful letters to people whose help was relevant to achieve a task were measured.

There it became evident that people tend to underestimate the real effect of a note that expresses gratitude towards others. However, those who receive these gestures tend to experience a great moment of euphoria, because they perceive the human warmth of those who show their affection.

Dr. Deepak Chopra reminds us that “gratitude is an immensely powerful force that we can use to expand our happiness, create loving relationships, and even improve our health.”

An investigation by the University of Minnesota suggests that the level of appreciation is inherited by 40%. The logical question here is: do we have a predisposition to gratitude or is it something we need to cultivate deliberately?

The wonderful fact of breathing is in itself the biggest reason to live from gratitude. Once we recognize it, gratitude is incorporated automatically into our walk through life and allows us to see obstacles as opportunities to grow.

The way we live challenges can make us lose consciousness of it. It is easy to appreciate the good things that happen to us, but what happens when what we long for is not given?

Think of that moment in which you found yourself completely stuck when the obstacles were at full volume, and the fears were glimpsed. In fact, that is a good time to be grateful, because it helps us see the situation in a way that can reduce panic and open up thinking to new solutions.

Gratitude puts situations in perspective. If we are able to see both the good and the bad, it becomes harder to complain. Adopt gratitude as a philosophy of life and prepare to receive what you long for!