The goal is to develop skills for creating businesses, adapting to circumstances, achieving autonomy and financial independence and monetizing passion.

June 6th, 2019

Ismael Cala and a group of experts will hold a seminar in Miami on July 18 – 20, on  “El negocio de ser tú. Academia de Emprendimiento” (The Business of being you. The School of Entrepreneurship), aimed at helping participants to develop an entrepreneur’s mentality to take things from paper into action.

Nowadays, the foundations of successful entrepreneurship are essential. In the United States, immigrant residents have founded more than 40% of the country’s businesses, according to a report by the Partnership for a New American Economy. Notable among them are Apple, Google, AT&T, Budweiser, Colgate, eBay, General Electric and IBM.

But also, according to a study by Forbes, eight out of ten new businesses don’t last more than 18 months; that’s a failure rate of 80%.

For this reason, the seminar “El negocio de ser tú. Academia de Emprendimiento” (“The Business of being you. The School of Entrepreneurship”) has invited the participation of experts in marketing, communication, technology, finance, optimization, profitability, and personal branding, among other subjects and areas of specialization. The aim is to develop skills for adapting to circumstances, achieving autonomy and financial independence, and monetizing passion.

Among the experts are Piter Albeiro, Juan M. Barrientos, Carlos Jiménez, Vilma Núñez, Francés Ríos, Carlos Jiménez, Jacques Giraud, Pablo Suárez, Darys Estrella, Carlos Mazo, Rafael de Cárdenas, Luis Barrios and Irma Martínez.

The seminar is particularly, though not exclusively, addressed to leading entrepreneurs, influencers, professionals from all industries, students and anyone else undergoing a process of transformation and reinvention, whether or not they are currently employed.

“Entrepreneurs are people with tremendous energy, persistence, and determination, who believe in themselves enough to move forward with an idea or a dream. In this world where change is constant and migration is on the rise, “starting over” has become commonplace, even for people who used to be established. But any project requires a great deal of preparation,” Cala explains.

Westfield Business School is an ally and official sponsor of the event. Its president, Carlos Mazo, will give a talk on leadership and entrepreneurship, based on his institution’s success stories, and his own personal history.

Date: July 18th to 20th, 2019
Place: Miami Airport Convention Center (Miami, EEUU)
Info: +1 (305) 360 9940 – [email protected]