I have admitted that for a long time I was an emotional illiterate, in spite of I got two college degrees and some professional courses. At this moment, there are millions of people surrendered thanks to frustration, because their voices were silenced during their childhood. Although during our adulthood, we can solve some awareness issues, it is unforgivable not using all the previous experience to form emotionally intelligent and balanced young people.

As I said in my book “The Emotional Illiterate”, there are some initiatives over the world, but in a very tiny size and also restricted for some geographical areas. And as my passion is helping to transform minds, beliefs, and stories of lives, I stand for a new educative model that includes both the traditional one and the emotional.

As psychologist John Gottman said: “science has discovered the role that emotions play in our lives (…) More than intelligence quotient, emotional awareness, and skills to control our feelings will determine our success and happiness in every scope of life…”

During this past week, Tigo Foundation and Ismael Cala Foundation launched an emotional intelligence program in five public institutes in Guatemala City. That is a resit subject for low-income children and young people development because they will be our political, social and entrepreneurship leaders in the future.

The concept is helping students and teachers to increase their self-knowledge, skills, leadership potential, empathy and respect for others, through entrepreneurship start-ups. But also decrease violence in the most affected areas of the city. This project includes a Leadership Room, with entrepreneurship areas to interact, investigate and foster creativity in students.

Guatemala has been the first country introducing the program, but it won’t be the one. We will copy the model in every corner of Latin America, and also in schools with a high Hispanic population in the USA and Canada.

This is just the germ. The main objective is to copy the work model and form tens of volunteers to spread the experience in every region and school. This has been one of the happiest and unforgettable moments of my life; it’s a long dreamed dream that has finally set in motion thanks to team working. Leadership is influence, action, and service.