A few days ago, my friend and colleague Adamari López posted on her social media her scars left by breast cancer. Since 2005, the successful tv host had to pass through a very difficult treatment to overcome, but never gave up. As many others survivors, Adamari is an example of perseverance; but, for those who have not lived this kind of extreme experiences, how do they know if they are too?

I recently found the Grit Scale, that looks at our levels of passion and perseverance. It was created by Angela Duckworth, a well-known psychologist from the University of Pennsylvania and also a researcher that study of how passion and perseverance towards goals can make a difference to achieve results.

Using a test with simple questions we can look at our situation about passion and how the deep purpose that fosters us to keep going towards our big dreams is working. This scale also measures perseverance levels. This is in other words, the ability of not giving up so easily after having started a commitment, despite problems or obstacles showing at the horizon.

Which one is the most important? Passion or perseverance? Well, in fact, best results sum both.

We do nothing transpiring passion for what we do if at the very first barrier we abandon our dreams and give up.  Nor also with being perseverant and reaching the finish line just to arrive, without a deep purpose that guides us.

In my story, I added a third “P”, that means patience. That’s why in my book  “A good son of P…” I remark the importance of these three elements: they are the base of a table that needs them to keep the balance.

The great writer and French philosopher, Albert Camus, once said: “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.” In order to live according to our own convictions, we have no choice but discover the passion, nurture perseverance and cultivate patience. By this way, we will achieve what we want and deserve.