Every day is a miracle. Waking up, breathing, getting out of bed, having something to eat, somebody to love and something to feel useful or serve, are signs that life is simple. If we want an extraordinary life, we must believe first that it is already extraordinary per se. From that perspective, make every detail a memorable occasion.

But what does take us apart from happiness that makes us see life with such complexity?

Most of us have been “domesticated” to see and find happiness in the “perfect” couple, the “ideal” work or in the celebrate moments like graduations, the birth of our children, or even in those days that we mark in a calendar to commemorate again and again. In this way, we condition happiness while waiting for the “great times”, and often we create expectations that are not met or things happen in a different way to the one we imagined. This generates frustration and unhappiness.

Psychologist Jennifer Aaker from Stanford University conducted several studies and concluded that people achieve happiness when they pursue specific goals, even the smallest ones. For example, making someone smile.

In the Dominican Republic, a viral video spread out these days with the request of Milagros Valdés Báez, a 106 years old woman for whom happiness would be a meeting with her son who lives in New York. They haven’t seen each other for 19 years. Milagros does not want to travel, just see him before she dies. I hope they achieve it.

We need to train, reeducate and focus on our purposes to make every moment a magical one. The brain needs achievable goals that challenge it to stay on the path of optimism.

Studying the happiness more deeply along with a group of explorers of consciousness will take us to visit Bhutan in May, after passing through Nepal and Tibet. The last kingdom of the Himalayas is a country that barely 20 years ago received the influence of television and is now connecting to the internet in a massive way.

Imagine a child of about 5-6 years, that is the best example of living in the here and now. He plays entertaining with anything that awakens your imagination. He does not think too much about tomorrow. He is simply enjoying the moment and feeling. Let’s live life like children and celebrate every little detail.