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Break paradigms to transform your life.

Son of a p…? No, it’s not what you think. The pes what we talk in here are from other kind. After the enormous success of his first book, El poder de escuchar, the CNN en Español presenter and human development speaker, Ismael Cala, returns with an inspiring fable about human development, the real meanings of our life stories, emotional intelligence, the search for success, and the inner well-being that will help us transform the way we live our lives.

Through the story and the conversations of two characters, Arturo and Chris, Cala teaches us how only we ourselves have the power to transform our lives and with the power of mind and love, anything is possible. This way of living is encapsulated in the three pillars: passion, patience, and perseverance, which will allow us not only to reach our peak, but to take advantage of it and enjoy it. Are you willing to become a good son of p …?

This audiobook is in Spanish