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Find us also in the following bookstores:

Argentina We are in all bookstores in Argentina (more than 1000 points of sale), such as: El Ateneo (Jenny), Cuspide, Distal, and independent bookstores throughout the country.

Chile Through Nuevo Extremo in all the bookstores of the country, among them: Chilean Book Fair, Antartica.

Uruguay Through Distribuidora Pomaire, in all the bookstores of the country.

Ecuador MrBooks bookstores throughout the country.

Peru Iberolibrerias and SBS bookstores throughout the country, also at Zeta bookstores.

Colombia Through Distribuidora Penta in all the bookstores of the country such as: Panamericana, La Nacional.

Panamá Through Distribuidora Lewis in important points of the country, such as: Lewis Morrison, Farmacias Arrocha, El Hombre de la Mancha.

Independent bookstores

Paraguay El Quijote in Asuncion.

Nicaragua Hispamer Bookstores.

Costa Rica Librerías Internacional, Independent bookstores through distribution from Desarrollos Culturales de Costa Rica, Lehman Bookstore.

El Salvador La Ceiba Bookstores.

Honduras Metromedia Tegucigalpa Bookstore, Metronova San Pedro Sula Bookstore.

Guatemala Artemis Edinter Bookstores, Vishnu.

República Dominicana Cuesta Bookstores, Centro Cuesta Nacional, La Sirena.

Puerto Rico Walgreens, Walmart, Sams, Costco, Kmart, independent bookstores by JR Blue.

USA Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books A Million, Walmart, Target, Ingram (they serve hundreds of independent bookstores), Vida y Luz, Tampa, Books & Books Miami, Lectorum Publications New Jersey, Global Alliance (They serve Cárdenas Supermarkets and Northgate Gonzalez in California, Arizona, and Nevada).

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