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For a month we will be offering two of the recents best sellers of Ismael Cala and a bracelet as a gift.

“The secret of bamboo” is an eco-tale about leadership and personal transformation. Focusing on a history of the year 2085, it addresses the ideals and way of life of an ecological village in the Peruvian Amazon, created and sustained by the strength and flexibility of bamboo.

“Be like the bamboo”, on the other hand, is aimed at parents and children, with beautiful illustrations by Yunior Suárez. Ismael Cala tells the story of Mama Panda and Baby Bear. An invaluable life lesson, which parents can also share with their children: bamboo takes years to take root and strengthen, under the ground, before emerging.

This book is a valuable opportunity to learn or improve the use of a second language, since the whole story is presented in Spanish and English. For you and your children. A gift for the whole family!

Bracelet with the autographed Ismael carved and an inspirational phrase.

The Secret of bamboo (usual price 12.32)

Be like bamboo (usual price 9.99)

More a bracelet (usual price 9.99)


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