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We also invite you to sign up for our master classes “The business of being you” every third Tuesday of each month at 07:00 PM Miami time.


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  1. Step 1: Who I am Who I want to become. Find your identity!
  2. Step 2: Values ​​of life: Grow without sinking anyone.
  3. Step 3: The importance of “unlearning” on the path to prosperity
  4. Step 4: Attitudes towards money. How to manage your finances.
  5. Step 5: Abundance mentality on the path to prosperity.
  6. Step 6: The Law of Attraction and Prosperity: Fight or let flow?
  7. Step 7: How to unlock creativity?
  8. Step 8: A body ready for success. Habits and routines.
  9. Step 9: Health and success. A holistic vision.
  10. Step 10: How does nonviolent communication influence success?
  11. Step 11: How to build a future plan for prosperity?
  12. Step 12: Final workshop: The art of celebrating and the concept of destiny.

* With the purchase of your participation, you will be contributing to promote the formation of adolescents in emotional leadership and entrepreneurship, through Centros de Aprendizaje para el Liderazgo en Acción (CALA) in Latin America and the Caribbean, important project of the Ismael Cala Foundation.

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Masterclass: January

1. Who I am Who I want to become. Find your identity! Why are we stuck to the labels? What situations condition us in life? Who I am is an illuminating concept. It is said that when Buddha was asked “who are you?” He said: “the awakening”. The awakening is to leave a state where many live asleep. To be awake at a level of consciousness is to understand that within us there are unlimited capacities, infinite possibilities. What happens is that our own beliefs limit us, they pigeonhole us.

Masterclass: February

2. Life values. Grow without sinking anyone. Do you know what is the compass of your life? Do you know why you behave in a certain way? Values ​​are those principles that guide our lives and help us distinguish what is right from what is wrong. Each one is free to choose under what values ​​he wants to live. What if we make honesty and ethics part of our values ​​and philosophy of life? These are the soul of leadership and the first step to add value to our life, while we share and serve others. True success is only achieved from the exercise of good. Let us walk this path and discover together how to strengthen positive values ​​and turn them into tools for prosperity.

Masterclass: March

3. The importance of “unlearning” on the path to prosperity. How much of what you know and believe today is really useful for your life? Over the years we have acquired all kinds of beliefs, habits, attitudes and behaviors. Probably some of these were useful at some point in your life, but today they may make you live on autopilot and not be beneficial for you. Reaching your goals and taking control of your life involves learning new skills, beliefs and habits. Growing implies leaving the comfort zone. For what? To make room for the new, the useful, the empowering. But “unlearning” about beliefs is also an everyday task for the gladiators of the mind. You have to keep your mind under observation, under a magnifying glass. Let’s see how and why.

Masterclass: April

4. Attitudes towards money. How to manage your finances. What is enough money for you? Is it worth it to make quick money and accumulate a great fortune, sacrificing your integrity and acting against your well-being and that of others? How do emotions influence economic savings? How should we manage the ethical commitment when making money? What is the happiness of sharing? Do we know the basic tools to live in the present with a projection of the future? In our complex relationship with money, we must incorporate powerful beliefs to seize opportunities; but sometimes there is a belief that we can not make enough money with honest work. And that, if we get it, it will be a slow process and we will not be able to enjoy it during our life. Let’s put our relations with money in order!

Masterclass: May

5. Abundance mentality on the path to prosperity. Do you feel abundant or lacking? Do you feel that there has never been abundance in your life? Let’s start by understanding that abundance is born in the interior. Abundance starts from the internal certainty of well-being and merit and only then can we materialize it in our life. Serving others and living in gratitude helps the universe share its abundance with you. Are you ready to receive abundance in your life?

Masterclass: August

8. A body ready for success. Habits and routines. What is the first thing you do to start your day? What do you do daily so that your mind, body and spirit are full of energy and ready to walk towards success? Successful people include habits and routines in their daily lives that nourish them with peace, love and energy. What can you do in your case? How to create new routines will help you in the search for success? For many years I have studied some of the most successful people in the world to know what they do differently. There are those who get up early, meditate, exercise, eat in a certain way. Do you want to discover why they incorporate these habits in their life? Do you want to follow their steps to success?

Masterclass: September

9. Health and success. A holistic vision. How is your health today? Have you ever thought about how your emotions affect the body? Health is not only the absence of diseases, it is to have the mind, body and spirit in a state of total well-being and serenity. Our health depends on our habits, but above all on how we handle our emotions. Absolutely all emotions manifest in our body. The rapid pace of today and emotional illiteracy leave us with disastrous consequences: mental illness, insomnia, stress, among many other conditions. Do you feel that your health is an obstacle to achieving your dreams? What could you do differently? Together we will explore different alternatives of the oriental and western worlds to improve your health.

Masterclass: October

10. How does nonviolent communication influence success? Do you think that you communicate in an assertive way with others? How is your internal dialogue? Learning to communicate with ourselves and with others is key to achieving success, because the world is a setting for relationships, we need each other. Language creates realities and relationships, so we must be responsible in the way we communicate. Communication exists to unite, not to separate or hurt. How do you want your communication to be from now on? How can you create better relationships? How can nonviolent communication influence your productivity and performance?

Masterclass: November

11. Workshop: How to build a future plan for prosperity? Description: What is prosperity? I define prosperity as achieving what we propose. I do not mean just to get the material, but also the spiritual, in the best possible balance. To achieve prosperity we need to set clear, concrete, achievable and, at the same time, challenging objectives. First, we must design our roadmap. What do you want to achieve? How could you make it happen? Remember to go after your dreams, but do not falter before an apparent failure. Keep your willingness to learn from any experience and keep moving forward. Face life with clear goals, but also with optimism and confidence. Prosperity exists! Are you ready to reach it with will, work and intelligence?

Masterclass: December

12. Final workshop: The art of celebration and the concept of destiny. Is destiny is something that is written? Which is your destination? Our life is not written, we can all take control and write our own history. We already have tools to do it: clear objectives, creativity, empowering beliefs, abundance mentality and healthy habits. What could I need? Take action and celebrate that you have the potential to do what you propose! Are you ready to write your own story and dazzle us with your potential? We receive 2018 with a new plan for our lives, from the celebration and the gratitude for what has been achieved.