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FEBRUARY, Tuesday 20 opens: “Harmony between body, mind and emotions before the challenges of the VUCA world”.

Invest in this class and prepare to be present on Tuesday, February 20 at 7pm Miami time. If you can not attend on that date that same Tuesday from 9pm Miami, you will have access to the class.

We are going to explore the VUCA world, dominated by a reality that is neither tender nor friendly, on the contrary, because the VUCA world, in which we live, acts as an “external saboteur” that challenges us minute by minute.

VUCA is a term coined by the generals and strategists of the United States Army War College – “The US. Army War College “- after ending the so-called Cold War, in the nineties of the last century.

Before that date, it was easy to understand the world economically, politically and militarily. The antagonism, although profound, was simple:

Capitalism, led by the United States. VS. Communism, led by the Soviet Union.

Most of the problems in the world -global or not- were related to this confrontation, also known as “east-west confrontation”.


7PM, Miami time.


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FEBRUARY, Tuesday 20: Step 2 – “Harmony between body, mind and emotions before the challenges of the VUCA world”

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  •      1 class hour.
  •      Q&A live chat for those attending the webinar.
  •     Workbook to continue your personal growth.
  •     The recording of the workshop available after the class.
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Harmony between body, mind and emotions before the challenges of the VUCA world

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