Why deny it. Adversities torture even the quietest human beings because no one enjoys suffering – although there are exceptions – no one neither consciously sow obstacles against himself.

Probably, we will have adversities and obstacles along the way. We must count on it, turn the tables and focus on the positive consequences that could be extracted from our experience. Poor those that afflicted for the blows of life are also unable to obtain lessons after failures.

In a recent interview for the MegaTV and VePlus channels, Panamanian singer-songwriter Erika Ender confessed to me that her divorces were painful, but at the same time fruitful for her musical work.

“These experiences are enriching to write,” the popular co-author of Despacito told me.

After her first separation, she composed the song Cinco minutos, won the Billboard in 2009 and her song was 52 weeks in the first place. After the second divorce came Ataúd, the single from Los Tigres del Norte, which made her the winner of a Latin Grammy.

Human relationships are like planets. Sometimes, the rotation brings them closer, and other times moves them away. The rotation does not stop, so you never have to take things from such a personal point of view.

Precisely to Erika Ender, a winner, and creator of conscience, we will deliver the Philanthropy Award, from the Ismael Cala Foundation, at the Gala Fifty, on September 14 in Miami.

Not everyone believes that adversity is the most fertile ground of artistic creation. This is the case of Joan Manuel Serrat, who admitted he is more stimulated when he is free and happy. The opinion of the great Spanish singer-songwriter is very respectable and shows the wide margins and circumstances of human creativity.

However, obstacles and problems will continue to exist. We can work to lessen the impact, educate ourselves to create progress and well-being and learn to bounce after the falls, but adversities will continue to rotate, like life itself.

Popular wisdom attributes to French Marshal Ferdinand Foch a brilliant phrase during World War I: “My center is giving way, my right is retreating, situation excellent, I am attacking.”

Beyond the military connotation of the idea, what else can be said about seeking opportunities in the face of adversity?