Discussions about the possibilities of creating robots with ethics or human values have just started. However, when “relativism” seems like a fish in the water, the main debate must be around problematic values of human beings. We who create and implement such technological advances are very away of being an example, but supposedly we are thinking about transfer ethics to machines.

Margaret Boden, professor, and psychologist from the University of Sussex, in the United Kingdom, recently explained in a conference that “there are no ethical robots because they are not responsible for what they do. Moral responsibility lays on humans”.

We are probably afraid about future actions made by a personal voice-controlled assistant or any other artificial intelligence, but how much do we really worry that as the “parents” of robotics haven’t been able to meet the minimum standards to ensure full coexistence?

Recent research from the University of Oxford about 60 cultures in the World showed “the seven universal moral rules”. Experts believe this is the largest and most complete intercultural moral survey ever conducted.

Which are these moral rules?

  1. Help your family
  2. Help your group
  3. Return favors
  4. Be brave
  5. Defer to superiors
  6. Divide resources fairly
  7. Respect others’ property

But how many do we meet in full? There is nothing more than reading the news, almost all tinged with tragic events, scams, thefts, sexist violence, injustices, and inequalities. Anyone would be satisfied with the idea that such problems are part of “human nature”, but, as you know, I am very far from resignation.

Allan Kardec said: “The evil from which I suffer is in me, and not outside of me; therefore, it is I who must change and not exterior things. We carry within ourselves our heaven and our hell.”

As I have said before, the three main evils of society are selfishness, greed, and apathy. All of them are very attached to the breach of the seven universal rules. Today research points to a definitive idea for the development of consciousness: the value of cooperation.