According to a recent ranking, Apple, Google and Amazon are the most valuable brands in the world. It is not just a coincidence that all of them are technological companies and invest millions in research and development. Their power of attraction is evident, and entrepreneurs from all areas and categories dream of creating something similar.

However, the accelerated pace of the world implies rethinking the paradigms that until now worked to operate successfully. Gone are the corporate concepts in which a career was made a lifetime in the same organization, aspiring to reach the highest positions in the organization chart.

Over the years, I founded several ventures up to the current one. On that road, I always visualized the success of iconic companies and figures, because I firmly believe in the value of example.

Since a long time ago, universities and experts have been developing research to “isolate” the distinctive features of the most successful CEOs of these days.

According to Harvard Business Review, there are four elements that the most important business leaders have in common. The first is a high level of speed to make decisions. 94% of the CEOs who took a decision to consider all the possible elements did it wrong. This feature can be associated with meditation and full awareness, since it has been shown that people who practice these disciplines constantly increase their ability to make the best decisions.

Secondly, the managers consulted agreed to have a good level of inclusion in their teams and to widely assess the participation of all employees. The fulfillment of their promises is the third factor in common. In this way, realistic goals and high performance teams are combined to provide an important reputation for the CEO and make things happen. Fourth, the managers consulted proved to be like bamboo. That is, they can adapt quickly to a changing environment.

To all these characteristics, I would like to add that prominent CEOs usually value conflict as a source of spaces to obtain better results.

In this sense, and thinking about the main challenges of today, the European Institute of Efficient Intelligences will celebrate next week in Miami the first MasterMind Latino 2018. Eight successful corporate presidents of Latin America will become professors for a day to share their strategies of business. It is important to listen and look for the best examples. Let’s change the paradigms and face the world with a particular leadership!