If we want to serve with excellence and be resilient in front of obstacles and adversities, it is imperative to invest in ourselves. SER, as a meaning of Service, Excellence, and Resilience, is a triad that allows us to understand that path.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, people that were willing to help others showed a decrease in stress levels. To put it in another way, the act of serving others makes you healthy. The research was carried out during 20 years by the University of Buffalo, Stony Brook, and Grand Valley State, and followed 846 participants.

Dr. Michael J. Poulin, chair during the investigation, showed people that help others are less likely to die when confronting very stressful situations. But there’s something more. Poulin said they couldn’t prove that receiving help didn’t reduce death rate between recipients, which means that offering a hand brings more benefits than accepting it.

Now, how can you add the keys of SER in your life?

First, we must connect with gratitude to serve others with joy. Honor the fact of being in the shoes of who offers help, instead of being who needs support.

Then, we can seek inspiration through models of excellence to make our acts be world class. If we want to grow from excellence, we must train to observe us, to question us, to read, to prepare us, to keep a coherence between what we think, say and do.

Finally, let’s cultivate resilience when remembering those moments and hard circumstances that we successfully overcame.  If we already did it once, we can always do it again.

Service, excellence, and resilience must be three keywords to be repeated every day when things don’t go as well as we expected, when we feel that we are losing patience or when we think that we won’t reach our dreams.

In a recent speech, Ivan Duque, the Colombian president, said a phrase which I agree: “There is a word to describe Colombia, and that is resilience.” I would dare to tell the rest of Latin America too, but cities, countries or regions will be only serviceable, excellent, and resilient if every one of us exercises in SER.

What do you need to elevate this triad to another level? Maybe a seminar as  “El negocio de ser tú” (The business of being you) or just a self-study, but always towards your goal.