Some weeks ago, still shocked by the news about the attack in El Paso and Ohio, USA, I posted a message on Facebook about inclusion and coexistence. The comments received show a diversity of opinions on how can we respect each other and live without hate. I agree with some, and respectfully disagree with others. In both cases I admire the disposition to find a way out, to propose solutions and encourage families and educational institutions to be a key in the culture of love.

On the other hand, a third-party prefers to settle, lick the wounds of tragedy and look the other way, because they think there is nothing left to do. They consider that speaking of coexistence and conscience of the human being is simply a “utopia”, or that our good wishes “will never happen on Earth, because God established a beginning and an end.”

I, who believe in God, do not accept the theory of punishment for those who have supposedly turned away from him. God is always love. And believers, agnostics, and atheists have something in common: we are human beings that can change and transform the world. Always from love, and not from fear. That is why I agree with this great idea of St. Augustine: “God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.”

As for the recent tragedies in the United States, the debate about access to weapons is only a part of the problem. The other is related to the hate speeches that political authorities and supposed leaders give daily. Both issues have the same level of relevance, and any solution involves acting in both directions.

The current war against humans of different skin colors or languages leaves havoc like the ones we are suffering. Whenever an ideology or political system has experimented with such practices, humanity has suffered a catastrophe. Do we really want to repeat past mistakes?

There are still those who think that the solution to shootings is going armed to defend themselves! Instead of carrying guns at the waist to feel safe, we should download a meditation app on the phone. If we help people to keep balanced minds, the scanners of the school doors would disappear, and no one would have to go to a mall with a bulletproof vest as an excessiveness, to call attention to the tragic problem.