Yalitza Aparicio, the actress we met in the movie “Roma”, was unexpectedly surprised by fame. She was not prepared for the scrutiny of public opinion, because she never imagined herself at the top. She did not know how to face the new stage of great praise and ruthless criticism. Doubts assailed her, but she finally gained self-confidence.

In my constant search for personal growth, I have seen cases like this and have received comments from people who do not have enough confidence in themselves to achieve their dreams. But when doubts hit, trust assists us. We must cultivate trust and study doubts because they are shots of enlightenment or fear. How many opportunities have you missed because of fear of failure?

The phenomenon called “paralysis by analysis” implies that we think so much to take a step, that we end up falling into inaction. Then, regrets and the feeling of guilt come to us: what if I had done this or that? In this way, life goes by and we do not advance.

Erik Weihenmayer is a man who reached the summit of Everest and other peaks more than eight thousand meters high. At age eight he suffered a disease that affected his vision and he became blind. However, he never limited himself and practiced all kinds of sports in associations for the blind. In fact, on the ascent to Everest, the Sherpas were fascinated by their great security when moving around the mountain; so much, that many came to doubt his blindness.

How many times do we paralyze and desist from our dreams because we do not believe we are capable? Occasionally, the social pressure hurricane wreaks havoc on our self-confidence and limits our power. This story also invites us to trust intuition, that inner voice that speaks to us beyond what we can identify as certainties.

Research carried out by academics from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York, showed that the self-confidence to make decisions is actually a mathematical calculation performed by the brain, which yields results quite similar to a computer.

If even science says it, why is it so hard for us to believe in ourselves? Trust in you and allow yourself to doubt, but without getting paralyzed.