Due to medical advances, the World Health Organization expects that the number of people older than 60 years old will be duplicated from now until 2050. This demographic change will demand great social adequacies, among them, are the educative ones, which still are very shy regarding the learning process after 50 years old.

When five years ago I decided to climb a new mountain chain and found a content, events and experiences company, I did it thinking like a true believer of human being capacities to evolution and enhance his consciousness beyond his age.

My works are based on the belief that the brain has the capacity to regenerate and learn while we are alive. Gone is the time to think that after a certain age, is not possible to study or continuing training. Time ago, going to college and hanging a certificate on the wall was enough to get around the world.

Today’s world is growing at an exponential rhythm. It is essential to keep us up to date, even in subjects and topics that we already overcome in the school stage. Not doing so would condemn us to mediocrity.

At this point, there are always excuses for not taking actions. Probably, the main one has to do with time. We all have the same 24 hours, but it’s in our hands to decide how and where is going to be invested: whether constructive activities or just in the meanless ones.

Another already spent excuse is related to the roles as parents, mothers, bosses, employees, managers or owners of a company. When we want to do something, we get the way and the opportunity to take it forward, regardless of the necessary adjustments.

Bertha Velásquez Burgos from the University College of Cundinamarca, considers that “the brain has an admirable capacity to reorganize, and although at a certain time we use it completely, we can always learn more”.

Unlearning to keep learning is key. A study from the Medical College of Georgia points out that the brain has no problems to keep assuming content but to eliminate obsolete information. Thinking about this last thing, we recently launched Cala.academy, a space for the constant formation and consciousness growth. My suggestion is clear: never stop training the brain. Although statistics indicate that we will die elder, the quality of life depends in part on ourselves.