Spain has just passed a law to increase equality between men and women. From now on, men can enjoy eight weeks of paternity leave, which will be extended to 16 in 2021. That means that the licenses will be equal for both sexes and are non-transferable.

The idea ends with the old belief that the mother should take care of the children, and the father if anything, “collaborate on something”. Sharing responsibilities between both parents is fair. The Spanish example should multiply, especially in Latin America, where the law hardly covers a few days for the paternal care of the newborn.

There will be those who will show their disagreement, because they still believe that the place of woman is the home, washing dishes or changing diapers, while the man looks for money and expects to be served by the wife. Those who still think in that way, are simply living in another century.

Life has allowed me to share with bright women. Thousands attend my events every year, a convincing figure compared to the number of men. At this point and investigating a lot about this topic, I have seen how a woman is a more emotionally complete being, because she has been able to show all the feelings without complexes. For men, on the other hand, family domestication forbids us to cry if we are sad, or to feel afraid if the situation warrants it.

An investigation by the University of Seville concluded that 45% of male adolescents still find it ridiculous that men cry or show their feelings in public. Perhaps due to these emotional absences, among other factors, today the number of femicides is alarming. We still have a lot to improve ourselves emotionally speaking to understand that women are not an object at our service.

John F. Kennedy, former president of the United States of America, said: “I do not say that everyone is equal in their ability, character or motivations, but I do affirm that they should be equal in their opportunity to develop their own character, motivation, and abilities”. I definitely agree.

Sexist education, based on the child playing with trucks or being the head of the tribe, while the girl cooks and deals with the dolls, must be transformed immediately. There will never be full equality of opportunities between men and women if we do not fight against stereotypes and feudal roles.