Give you a permission to reinvent yourself

Do you remember your New Year’s resolutions? How are going your plans? Please, don’t tell me you already abandoned them! Perhaps, you realized that they were not what you really wanted or other challenges arose that made you rethink the situation. If so, congratulations! You have just learned the art of reinvention.

Far from what it seems, reinvention has many advantages, among which are: to test the neuroplasticity of the brain and the acquisition of new skills, as well as you realize the potential inside of you and, if that was not enough, it also allows you to increase your creativity.

Maybe you feel that this job you have is not what you really want, so you have finally decided to change that routine that is only leading you down the path of misery, and you want to return to that dream or project that you thought was a child. As well! The good news is that it’s never too late to start over.

A study carried out by Dr. Gail Matthews, professor of psychology at the Dominican University of California, determined that you are 42% more likely to achieve the success of your goals, just if you write them down. If you also share and let know your progress with others, the success rate rises to almost 50%.

You’re probably thinking: And where do I get the remaining 50%? Well, look for a mirror and you will find the answer. To achieve your goals you need two indispensable tools: one is talent and the other is persistence.

You may have a great capacity to do certain activities, but if you are not consistent, you will not be able to advance. The same happens in the opposite case: you may not have your skills very well worked, but if you are consistent, they will obviously improve over the time and you will see a great progress in your project.

The important part of it is not to give up, not fall into reluctant but, above all, have the personal conviction that you can do better and that you can enhance your skills.

A key piece in the art of reinvention is undoubtedly abandon old beliefs and unlearn. Another fundamental element in this issue is to venture out of the comfort zone and using fear as an impulse. As Nelson Mandela said, whose centennial we celebrated a few days ago: «Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.» Precisely, Mandela reinvented himself and then was a decisive prop in the reinvention of South Africa.

In other words, forget about the old belief in your family that all were born with left-handed feet for dancing or that they do not have an artistic streak! These limiting ideas are nothing more than absurd beliefs that have probably been bought from generation to generation, and they are not true at all. Focus on what you have always wanted to do, without thinking about what others may think. It’s time to be true to your essence, break paradigms, explore new horizons, get out of your comfort zone and give you a permission to reinvent yourself!


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