Ismael Cala announces the sixth meeting «En Cuerpo y Alma» on the spectacular beaches of the Riviera Maya

    • It will be from November 28 to December 2 at Hotel Xcaret México.
    • Conceived to design the objectives and goals of the 2019, and will feature the participation of prominent experts such as Guillermo Ferrara, Erika Ruiz, Jacques Giraud and Samar Yorde.
     Miami, June 18 2018

    Ismael Cala announced on Monday the celebration of the sixth meeting «En Cuerpo y Alma» on the spectacular beaches of the Riviera Maya (Mexico), from November 28 to December 2 next.

  • «Get ready to live an inspirational meeting and a wonderful experience, with lectures, mindfulness exercises, visualization, morning meditations, yoga classes and excursions. This is our great annual event, where we celebrate the successes of the present and plan the ones we will have in 2019. In short, we are going to design a year full of success and abundance», Cala explained.
  • As a central theme, the communicator and life strategist will invite attendees to explore the habits of successful people through the art of reinvention. He also confirmed the participation of leading experts. Among them, Guillermo Ferrara (Keys to improve relationships); Erika Ruiz (The force of laughter therapy); Jacques Giraud (Focus and management of time, Keys for 2019) and Samar Yorde (Food to rejuvenate body and soul).

  • «In this wonderful meeting you will become part of a great family, united by values ​​and principles with people from all over the world,» Cala commented.

  • Those interested can connect through:
    +1 (305) 360 9940


    Or visit: 

    The event will be held at the Xcaret Mexico Hotel, a natural refuge immersed in the turquoise Caribbean and the mystical jungle of the Riviera Maya. It is a unique destination, inspired by the traditions, art and customs of Mexico.

    Hundreds of people have already enjoyed the experience «En cuerpo y alma» with Ismael Cala, since the first event in Punta Cana was held six years ago. The last three editions have been held in the Riviera Maya.

    Life and business strategist. Businessman and social entrepreneur. Journalist. Author of eight best-sellers about of leadership, entrepreneurship and personal development, including «El poder de escuchar» and «Despierta con Cala». Ambassador of the concept of Corporate Happiness in Latin America. Cala was born in Santiago de Cuba (1969) and has a degree in Art History from the Universidad de Oriente. He is co-author of the book «Beat the curve», with Brian Tracy. He graduated from Department of Communication at the University of York in Toronto and holds a diploma from Seneca College in Broadcasting Television. He is president and founder of Cala Enterprises Corporation and the Ismael Cala Foundation.


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