Not even a minute to waste!

Are you tortured by notifications? Fifty unread messages in the corporate email inbox, eleven unanswered WhatsApp texts, two thousand «likes» on Instagram, without even time to review who was so kind. All seem to be urgent matters; the platforms urge us «in red» so that we interact constantly.

As I have said on other occasions, new technologies are a social blessing. And although the benefits are clearly imposed on the damage, exponential education is essential if we want to promote responsible use.

For example, in our workplaces, sometimes we do not know how to deal with time, a serious obstacle, without doubt, for the productivity of the company and the well-being of managers and employees.

According to Eric Garton, co-author of the book «Time, Talent, Energy», the top executives receive 200 emails a day. This theory emphasizes that an average manager spends about eight hours a week (a full workday) to send, read and answer emails, many of which should not even have arrived.

Another investigation by Thomas W. Jackson, a renowned professor of Information and Knowledge Management, reaches an alarming conclusion: 25% of the labor costs of small and medium-sized companies are wasted due to poor management of electronic mail by employees and executives. That is, one dollar of every four invested «go directly to open and close emails.»

It is evident that the saturation of electronic mail is affecting productivity. For this reason, more and more experts are betting on combining email with supposedly old practices —such as brainstorming— and with new options —as online collaborative platforms—.

A genius like Seneca explained with absolute clarity: «It is not that we have so little time but that we lose so much».

Establishing our own strategies is a matter of survival in the volatile world in which we live. This call is not only for organizations, but also for each one of us, in a personal and professionally speaking.

How many people do we copy in an email, unnecessarily? How many decisions could be made in half an hour of debate, instead of writing, reading and answering twenty ineffective messages? It is time to evaluate the time devoted to each issue, and which are the best digital and analog solutions in each case. Because, maybe, from so much attending urgent notifications, we are more asleep than ever.


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