Success is living on your own terms

We have all been curious to know how successful people act on a daily basis. We believe that there is a recipe to apply it in our lives and turn it around, but it is not so simple: the habits of successful people vary from person to person.

To talk about habits, we must first define them. The author Charles Duhigg considers that they are actions that we repeat unconsciously and frequently. Every pattern is composed of a trigger that activates it; it is marked by a routine, which is not more than a sequence of actions that are executed when perceiving the signal, and a reward or gratification that brain receives which reinforces the fact that the habit is remembered.

According to a study from University College London, the brain needs 66 days to establish a new habit and make it automatic, without having to resort to willpower. Honestly, I consider that success is something subjective, that is, each one defines it for himself. That’s why I always say that being successful is living on our terms.

However, there are some keys to establish habits that bring us closer to success. First, successful people stay motivated. Also, they visualize their objective with high levels of detail, trust in themselves, show initiative, do not remain with the most comfortable option, they are imaginative and exercise their ability to create new solutions to the same problems.

Besides, they are active and enthusiastic, they pass from the analysis to action and do what they love to have an inexhaustible source of energy.

But there is more. Successful people practice self-control, incorporate into their lives the routine of meditating or mindfulness; they focus and concentrate their energy on their goals without being distracted by irrelevant things; they are persistent, they never give up; they reject limiting thoughts and put in perspective the difficulties to obtain creative exits.

At the end of November, I’m going to explain how to implement these habits in our great annual event «En Cuerpo y Alma,» I will have my mind set on the success stories of some of my mentors: Oprah Winfrey, Mirtha Legrand, Steve Job, Emilio Estefan … And at the same time, I’ll be ordering the goals for 2019, which must become, without doubt, the best year of our lives. Always keeping in mind that success is living on your own terms!


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