Television series: do I consume them or they consume me?

«Another chapter and I’m going to sleep.» Does it sound familiar to you, right? It’s the same we all say at some point when we have hooked with a series, in some of the most famous digital content platforms. It is very easy to fall into temptation.

Certainly, technology has developed many wonders to keep us connected, but paradoxically, this has been to the detriment of our personal communications and the time we invest in us.

As I have mentioned on other occasions, it is important that we maintain a balance in our lives. It is very easy to do it with the law of 80-20: the first percentage would go in our personal investment, while the rest would be destined to pleasure and fun.

I can tell you, as a personal confession, that for a while I was strongly attached to the series by subscription. The more I consumed them, the more and more valuable time I devoted to them, until I realized that this behavior was affecting my daily energy. I was more tired at work, because I went to bed late.

According to a report published in 2016 by Nielsen, an average adult in the United States spends at least 5 hours a day, about 35 hours a week, watching television. This incredibly, could well be the total of a full-time job.

When I realized the damage that bad habit was causing me, I decided to create a new one, in which reading and resting were my priority.

As I said at the beginning of the article, this type of activity only makes our personal communications weaken, because instead of sharing with our friends and loved ones, we are gawking in front of a screen. Of course you can share with your family while watching a soccer game or a good movie occasionally, but in short, it should not be the only alternative.

Not only that. The television also deviates from our objectives. How are we going to achieve our personal projects, if we do not dedicate what we owe? The best thing would be to limit considerably the time we are watching series or in our social networks, and invest in something more productive, like our goals; the development of new skills; study; to learn a new language; etc.

Do you remember that when you were a child, your mom told you not to watch so much television? Yes, your mother was right. Being many hours a day sitting doing nothing can deteriorate not only your physical state, but mental. Among the diseases that are counted as a direct result of it are overweight, diabetes, hypertension, depression and even leads to a weakening of mental functions.

The best we can do for our health is to take those five hours a day, and divide them into different activities that include not only exercise routines, but also those that feed our intellect, such as reading. If you do not know where to start reading, I leave you these recommendations. Remember: the brain also needs to exercise.

Finally, do not forget to add a small space of that time to meditate and know yourself more.

Let’s throw out of our lives every habit that hurts us!


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