Turn the tables

We live in a convulsed and voracious world. Or, to be more precise, in a VUCA world, an acronym in English created by the US Army at the end of the 1980s, to refer to volatility; uncertainty; complexity and ambiguity, which are four characteristics that define current times.

In recent weeks, we have seen thousandth on-going debates between the applications Uber and Cabify and traditional taxi drivers, in countries as distant as Spain and Argentina. Why a technological breakthrough, in terms of transport, meets so many detractors? What lessons should we draw from this clash?

Today, people are required to be exponential: more creative and more productive, in order to not to become obsolete. Despite this, we can’t let the hurricane drag us away. Would you believe me if I told you that you can turn the tables? What happens if, on the contrary, we use the difficulties in our favor? You will be asking yourself: if there is so much conflict, what is the pattern to follow to fulfill our life purpose?

The psychology expert, Benjamin Harkin, of the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, practiced 138 studies with 19,951 participants, whom he monitored while trying to achieve health-related goals. The results showed a pattern of three steps: close and frequent monitoring of progress, focus on the objective and public declaration of goals, as he says, in this way we will have more desire to engage in it!

As I explain to the students at Cala Speaking Academy, instead of perceiving the VUCA world as something negative, we must see it from now on as something in our favor, able to challenge us and take us out of the comfort zone, to grow and move forward in a conscious way.

If your profession is taxi driver, journalist, car assembler, or many others currently in play, you must understand that nobody wants to eliminate you from the market, but you must think about how to update your services and capabilities. And then you must transform the acronym VUCA: vision; understanding; clarity and agility, indispensable tools to fulfill your life goals.

And how is the paradigm change achieved? My proposal, which I have been developing for some years, is the application of the CALA Life Method: Constant Learning for Leadership in Action, based on my philosophy of believing, creating and growing. We all have a leader inside, who waits for an opportunity to show their capabilities.

After the obstacles, the best solutions emerge. Embrace uncertainty and learn to manage your reality!



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